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Auxology. Studying Human Growth and Development.

Auxología: estudio del crecimiento.
Michael Hermanussen (editor).

This book is a comprehensive description of human physical growth and development (Auxology) with contributions by 56 internationally reputed experts. The entire spectrum of basic and advanced information on growth tracking, growth prediction, short-term-, catch-up- and rapid growth, nutritional and social factors influencing human growth, and issues related to preventive health care, growth in ethnic minorities and migrants, and growth in developing countries is presented.

The text is generously illustrated (283 color figures and 89 comprehensive tables). It also introduces new mathematical approaches to growth modelling and provides practical information on how to use and to interpret growth charts. National references (US, ARG, BRA, CAN, IND, BEL, GER, IT, NL, PL, SW, SWI, TUR, UK, WHO) for height, weight and body mass index and head circumference for various countries are given as well as growth references for twins, preterm infants and syndrome specific growth charts for clinical purposes.

The book for the first time also contains references for height SDS changes, the modern alternative to traditional growth velocity charts. The book is of greatest interest to all pediatricians, to medical students and students of human biology, health workers, nutritionists, medical staff and professionals interested in child and adolescent growth and development.