Sociedad Española de Antropología Física

The Scientific Committee of the REAF strongly asks the referees to:

  1. Maintain strict confidentiality about their Revision tasks.
  2. Immediately notify REAF of availability or non-availability to carry out the revision or scientific evaluation of the work.
  3. Notify the Scientific Committee of any possible delay (more than 4 weeks) for the revision or evaluation of the work.
  4. Be able to review works from REAF in a regular basis.

The Scientific Committee of the REAF acknowledges their opinion about structure, contents and interest of the work, and specially whether:

  1. The work is original and provides advances to scientific knowledge with new data, ideas, interpretations and appropriate treatments.
  2. The work is well written in a good scientific style.
  3. Presentation is clear and length fits the objectives.
  4. Format and structure of Figures and Tables fit the rules of the Journal, specifying if each one of the Figures and Tables is necessary and enriching the work.
  5. The bibliography provided is suitable, updated and well written both in the text and in the list of Bibliographic References.
  6. The work should be accepted or not for submission with more or less significant revision.

Model report for referees.
You can download the file with the model report for referees (in MSWord format) on this link. (Spanish).